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2016 Schedule:

Session 1
August 8-12

(Registration August 7)

Course #1

Conflict and Peace Framework
Kyoko Okumoto

Course #2

Theory and Practice of Peace Education
Kathy Matsui & Cheryl Woelk

Course #3

Restorative Justice: A New Lens for Justice
Atsuhiro Katano & Jae Young Lee

Course #4

Trainer¡¯s Training
Wendy Kroeker

Field Trip -
August 13-15

Visit to 228 Memorial Museum, Jing_Mei Human Rights Memorial and cultural Park, Old Palace Museum and other sites of history, cuture and current peace work

Session 2
August 16-20

(Departures August 21)

Course #5

Nonviolent Struggle for Social Change
Chi Kwan Ho & Kyoko Okumoto

Course #6

Optimizing Peace Making by Ending Generational Trauma
Aya Kasai & Tommy Lee Woon

Course #7

Conflict Transformation in Organizations
Hong Soek Kim & Kathy Matsui

General application process:

  1. Read the 2016 Summer Training information package

  2. Complete the application form, along with all required documents

  (resume, recommendation letter, passport copy),   and submit by email to

  3. After receiving the acceptance letter and billing statement, transfer your payment to the NARPI bank account.

  4. In cooperation with the NARPI admin team, apply for a visa (if necessary).

  5. Purchase flight ticket, or make other plans for transportation.

  6. After receiving the pre-course readings and field trip readings by email, start studying to prepare for your courses and

   the trip.

  7. Join the Summer Training and enjoy two weeks of networking, sharing and learning.


Week 1 will be held at Jinshan Youth Activity Center.

Here is their website

Week 1 will be held at Jinshan Youth Activity Center.
Courses will be held in these three places 228 Memorial Museum, Theatre, and Taipei Bar Assiciation