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Week 1
August 9-13

(Arrivals Aug 6-7
Registration Aug 8)

Course #1

Conflict & Peace Framework
Wendy Kroeker & Francis Daehoon Lee

Course #2

Theory & Practice of Peace Education
Kathy Matsui & Sriprakash Mayasandra

Course #3

Restorative Approach to Historical Conflict
Jae Young Lee & Atsuhiro Katano

Field Trip - Aug 14-15

Visits to Nanjing Massacre Museum, John Rabe House Museum and other historic and cultural sites

Week 2
August 16-20

(Departures Aug 21)

Course #4

Arts and Stories for Peacebuilding: Presenting our Histories Justly
Kyoko Okumoto & Atsuhiro Katano

Course #5

Psychosocial Trauma: Awareness and Response
Al Fuertes & Wang Xuefu

Course #6

Peacebuilding Skills: Transformative Mediation
Jae Young Lee & Wendy Kroeker


The application for the 2014 Summer Training will be posted here by May 1


NARPI's 2014 Summer Training will be hosted at Nanjing University

More information is coming soon.